Hi! I’m Gabrielle.


But you can call me Brie.

I’m the founder of Pixel & Ink Branded Media, and owner of Gabrielle Elizabeth Studios, LLC. When it comes down to it, I’m passionate about helping business owners grow their brands. 

The way I help you do this, is through building and maintaining gorgeous, aligned tools, that your audience won’t be able to stop looking at. 

In 2013, I started doing that through photography – it was around then that I realized I could use even MORE of my skills to serve the small businesses I was taking photos for. 

I’ll spare you all the gorey details, but 7 years later, now we’re HERE. 

So, reach out – I’d love to talk to you about how Pixel & Ink can help you build from scratch, or just breathe new life into your brand, website, or mentality.

Can’t wait to hear from you. 🙂 

(Left: Me being a professional human. Right: Me being a real person who doesn’t know what to do with her face.)


Brand Mentality

When developing your business, your mentality is EVERYTHING. But sometimes... there are roadblocks in our way that we can't identify or break down on our own. That's when we tune in...


WEB Design

Your website functions as a hub for your customers on the web - they should be able to interact fully with your brand there. It should be something that you - and your customers - love.



Whether you're building a brand for a brand new (haha?) business, or re-branding after being around a while, we can help you make it happen.